A whopping 82% of attendees come to events with networking as a priority. You may have paid to attend the event, and even if you haven't, your time is valuable - get the most out of the event by implementing these networking best practices. 👍 

Before You Go

To get the most out of the event, you have to prepare and prioritize your time!

  • Build an Awesome Profile - Your profile is like your virtual business card, so make it count with these tips.

  • Connect - Add or contact folks that align with your goals and interests.

  • Propose a Meeting - Coffee and breakfast meet-ups are low pressure and provide a great opportunity for touching base. Propose a meeting within the app, and once accepted, it will be added to your personal agenda!

  • Engage with the Wall - Post what you're most excited about learning, or who you want to connect with. You'll be more approachable, people will remember you, and you may get connection requests just from your post! If you've already posted, come back and comment!

  • Follow Social Media - Follow the event or community on social media to see what others will be doing, and be the first to hear about additional opportunities.

  • Enable Notifications 🔔 - If you haven't yet, ensure that app notifications are enabled on your device.

  • Check Back - Every once in a while, check back on the attendee/user, sponsor and speaker lists, and the wall. Continue planning for your time and prioritizing who you want to meet with!

During the Event

You will only have so much time at the event. Focus on what matters to you, and be sure you've prepared. The best networkers know how to best use their time at the event!

  • Shake and Connect 🤝- Easily share contact information and see who's around you using Shake and Connect.

  • Be the Early Bird 🐦 - Arrive early to the sessions and sit in the front row, so you are in a good spot to talk to the speaker after the session. Before the session starts is also a great time to chat with those around you!

  • Post on the Event Wall - Posting on the event wall can result in connection requests, and increase your fun as well! You can call out sessions or speakers that you enjoyed, post pictures and like/comment on posts.

  • Block Time Each Night - Take time each night to input notes and business cards into the app, and add people on LinkedIn. You may realize you want to connect with them more before the event is over! 

  • Request and Accept Meeting Invites - If the event is over multiple days, you may find that you want to meet up with your connections to chat more before the event is over. Send meeting invites within the app, and the meeting will be added to your personal agenda!

  • Always Have a Follow-up - Don't let the conversation end at the event! When closing a conversation with folks you meet at the event, always include how you will follow up with them - whether you will reach out LinkedIn, schedule a phone call, send an email, etc. Once you follow through, you've already shown you're reliable. 👍 

After the Event

You've done all this work, don't waste it and forget to follow up! 

  • Follow Up Immediately - Set reminders to follow up with your contacts the day after the event while everything is fresh. Add your contacts on LinkedIn and send a quick "nice to meet you" message.

  • Don't Forget About Them -  A week or a month later, reach out again! Now's a great time to schedule a phone call, send an article on a topic you talked about, or ask for a lunch meet-up. Be sure to reference where you met them and what you talked about, they may not have taken notes as well as you did! 😉 

These tips are based on our combined industry experience. If you have anything to add to this list, send them our way using the below!
Now's a great time to Master My Agenda!

Questions? Need help? Please reach out to your event's organizer.

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