Join a Live Stream

There are two main ways a Live Stream may be presented in the app. Reach out to the organizer for more info, or check out the instructions below for general tips!

Image of a computer and mobile device side by side. Both show an agenda session in progress.

Join from a Session

You can tell a session will have a live stream available if you see a Video Stream indicator. This means that a Video Stream link has been added to the session, and 15 minutes before the session, you'll see a Join Live Stream button. Tap this button to launch the stream.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the organizer may add a recording link after the session is over. In that case, after the session you'll see a View Recording button. Tap this button to launch the recording.

Animated GIF showing a user answering a Poll while viewing a live stream.

If you prefer to watch the live stream or recording from your computer, open the session details in the mobile app and tap Watch on Desktop. You'll be prompted to confirm your email address. Tap OK and instructions will be sent to your email.

Screenshot of an agenda session's details. An arrow is indicating the Watch on Desktop button.

Join from the Homepage

If there's one main Live Stream link that will be used, you may see a feature icon for the Live Stream right on the homepage of the app. Simply tap the icon to launch the stream!

Screenshot of the home screen of an event on a mobile device. A live stream icon is indicated by an arrow.

Two screenshots of a live stream on a mobile device. One shows the Q&A button with an arrow. The other shows a Questions asked by the user.

Pro tips! 😎

  • Find a nice quiet space to fully engage and focus on the live stream. We recommend downloading the mobile app, bookmarking the web app URL, downloading the Live Stream app (if known), filling up your water bottle and grabbing a notebook.

  • If you're joining a virtual session or event, consider changing your notification settings or entering a "do not disturb" mode on your phone or computer. Here are the iPhone and Android instructions to make it easy. 👍

  • Watching on a second screen helps you engage and network on your phone while participating in a session. If you don't have a second device, it's nice to know that some live stream providers support Chromecast, Apple Play, or other casting options. If that isn't an option for you, some providers support "Picture in Picture". This allows you to make the video smaller, and continue to interact with app features. Note, this is live stream provider and phone dependent.

You're ready to join a Live Stream and participate with the best of them! Now's a great time to Build an Awesome Profile, and check out our other Networking Best Practices. 🤩

Questions? Need help? Please reach out to your event's organizer.

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