The Web App is the web-based version of our mobile app. It is designed to function across any device with a browser, such as a laptop or tablet. We strongly recommend using Chrome.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Socio works well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. We strongly suggest using Chrome for the very best experience.

Video Walkthrough


Once you sign up, you'll want to build out your profile. Other event attendees will be able to see your profile, and may wish to connect with you based on similar interests. We recommend adding a profile picture, as people are more likely to reach out to you and remember who you are with a photo!

You can view the Accessibility features and change the language, as well as view the terms of service. The left navigation bar has icons that take you to your Connections list, Messages with your Connections, and back to the home page.

Home Page

When you go to your home page, you can interact with the features the event organizer has chosen to include and give you access to. You may be able to view personalized features that are specific to you, and not viewable by other attendees! Remember that the features list may be long enough that you will need to scroll down to see additional features.


The Attendees feature, or Users list, allows you to see who else is in the app that you may wish to connect with. Click on a user to see their profile, and if you add a user, they'll receive a connection request. Once they accept the connection request, they’ll be added to your Connections list, your profile information will be shared, and you can message them within the app.


The Agenda or Calendar feature is where you can review upcoming sessions and add them to your personal agenda. Click on a session to see the full details, which can include a description or speakers.

If you see a Video Stream indicator for a session, it means that a Video Stream link has been added to the session.

Fifteen minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, you’ll see a Join Live Stream button appear. Click the button or the session to launch the stream. You may see a screen letting you know the stream is not yet ready, but it will begin automatically at the scheduled start time - so hang tight!

Live Stream

Sessions can include Live Streams, but there can also be a standalone Live Stream feature.

If you are watching a Live Stream, you can navigate to other content in the app and the live stream will be minimized in the bottom right corner. This lets you continue to watch the stream, yet still interact with other content.

Click here for more information about joining a live stream.


The organizer may choose to add a recording link to a session after it is over.

Chat, Q&A & Polling

Both sessions and the Live Stream feature may include chat, Q&A, and Polling.

Chat allows you to introduce yourself and react to the session, while Q&A enables you to ask the speaker questions; and Polling is a great way to participate within a session or live stream.


The Sponsors list lets you review Sponsor information and see which aspects of the event they may be sponsoring.

Click on a Sponsor to view their profile and see more information. If your event organizer permits, you can even rate and review sponsors.


The Wall is a fun way to network, discuss and interact with others within the app. You can create comments or photos on the Wall, as well as like or comment on others’ posts.


If the Game feature is included, this lets you have more fun and stay engaged by completing challenges. After viewing the challenge instructions, enter codes in the challenge text box to win points, and maybe even prizes! Click here to learn how to Rise to the Top of the Leaderboard.

There can be a lot of content, so we’ve made it easy to search for people, sponsors or other items.

Questions? Need help? Please reach out to your event's organizer.

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